Why Proximity is so Important at the Time of Choosing a Cloud Service Provider?

lunacloud network infrastructure

Lunacloud Network Infrastructure

If you are choosing a provider to host your website/application, we recommend you having a local cloud service provider that offers the right local support. There are many advantages to having your applications on a local cloud server as compared to having your service provided by a large, international company.

Proximity to where you are is an important factor when deciding which cloud server provider you want for hosting your website. This is especially true for businesses that need to be up and running 24/7 because the greater the distance between you and your provider, the less able they are to respond to your needs.

It is not only the Proximity of where you are, but also where your audience/customers are. If you want to host your website and the goal is to generate traffic, another point that you have to consider is about the SEO strategy.  Search engines are normally very secretive about the factors that are part of their algorithms, however, in 2010 Google explicitly said that the speed at which a page loads is one of those factors. So the faster your website loads, the better it ranks on Google.

Local Telephone Support

Imagine running into an issue and calling customer support only to find out that they don’t fully understand the problems that you are encountering. This is why having local support to do the troubleshooting is so important. By having someone local, you can get the support you need without wasting time or effort. Plus, you can offer suggestions which can help improve your overall service and may lead to having additional options that you can take advantage. Such suggestions are generally ignored by the larger companies.

Multi-lingual Telephone and Email Support

Large cloud providers such as Rackspace, Google or Amazon may offer plenty of features, but quite often their support is in English only. What if your native language is not English? This means that a call to their customer support can easily lead to misunderstandings and not getting the problem resolved or your questions answered in a timely manner.

Local Offers

A critical advantage in speaking to a local provider is that they often offer special discounts or features that you can take advantage of to lower the amount you pay. Local cloud server companies are trying to compete with international providers and offering discounts is one means of accomplishing their goal. By talking with your local provider, you may get additional features such as greater cloud storage, a discount on your bill, and so forth.

The Advantages of Lunacloud

Lunacloud is a cloud service provider that offers the features of large, international providers, yet has that local touch that is needed to properly oversee your website. This is especially true if English is not your first language. Lunacloud is dedicated to providing the best in cloud server and cloud storage features while catering to customers who speak different languages.

Control Panel: Lunacloud offers their control panel in several different languages so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. This means fewer misunderstandings and a much better grasp on how to organize and run your website.

Pay Your Way: Lunacloud offers the choice of several types of currencies to pay your monthly bill, unlike many other cloud server companies that only take US dollars or one type of currency. Plus, there are different payment methods available that will help fit your needs.

Check out the services of Lunacloud as cloud provider with all the service options that you desire.

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