Top 5 Tips to Monetize your APP

lunacloud monetize your appIt’s the story of so many app developers. You’ve created an amazing app and cannot wait to show it to the world. While there are plenty of places you can show off your app, such as the Appstore, Windows Store and Google Play to name a few, understanding how to monetize it is another matter entirely.

After all, it’s one thing to show your great new app to the world, but quite another to make money from it. What follows are the five top tips to monetize your app so that you can earn the money with it.

Each of these tips are proven ways to kickstart your monetizing efforts.

1) In-App Products: These are products that you sell inside the app itself which are often upgrade, extra coins or any specific item that is needed to advance further in your app game. These are arguably the best means of generating a steady income because the value of the app itself sells the products. By offering your app for free, you can generate long term profits with these in-app products.

2) Paid Downloads: This is arguably the most straightforward method where you charge users in the App Store itself before they can access your product. This is an excellent means of garnering income quickly, although it is a one-time strategy. Your app will need to be good and bug-free because any bad reviews can quickly shut down the interest in your app.

3) In-App Advertising: Although not quite as reliable as the first two methods, this is a really good option for those who want to avoid having users buy upgrades or additions. Plus, using ads can detract from the overall experience. However, if your app is geared towards providing new content such as social media or news, then ads can actually work quite well. The nice part is that there is no ceiling to how much ads can make for you.

4) Partnership: If you have developed apps before that were well received, you will probably have businesses coming to you. Basically, you are re-skinning a successful app to incorporate a particular business or brand and the results can be quite healthy from a monetary standpoint. This is because the business or brand may bring with them plenty of customers that you otherwise would not see. In this manner, you can really benefit from having a partnership.

5) Choose an Auto-Scalable Platform: Basically, you’ll want to choose an auto-scalable platform to host your app. With Cloud Jelastic, you can host your app without wasting money over overloading their resources because it would be elastic. In other words, you only will pay for the used resources, depending on the number of requests per minute and not some fixed rate that might overwhelm your budget or worse, becoming overloaded by demand. Having a hosting platform for your mobile app like Cloud Jelastic offers definite advantages.

By using one or more of these tips, you can effectively monetize your app so that it can reach its maximum potential.