The Power of Automation

cloudWith advancing technology comes automation services, something that has been true for a very long time in all types of fields. When you think about car manufacturing along an assembly line, all the parts of a vehicle were first put together by hand. Today, robots and automation services have taken over many the roles that humans play in assembling vehicles.

The same thing is true with IT services as automation is now playing a much bigger role thanks to advancing technology. What once had to be done by human hand is now being taken over more and more by new automation services, especially the types of applications that would be either too complex or time consuming to be performed by humans.

The Advantages and Consequences of IT Automation Services

For many people who are part of the IT staff, the very thought of having some of their duties become automated is certainly disconcerting. After all, in many other fields when automation took over from people, those people lost their jobs.

However, IT is a different type of animal than many other fields, particularly when it comes to manufacturing. This is because for every type of job that becomes automated, there are new forms of technical advances that IT personnel have to learn and perform in its place. From cloud storage to the latest in computer advancements, IT staffers will generally not long for new work even if they do have to move to new companies at some point.

The biggest advantage of IT automation is actually how much time it can save the typical staffer who normally spent hours performing one type of task. Thanks to automation, they can now learn new, more complex tasks based on the technical advances that are happening on an almost daily basis. When you think about just how far computer technology has come in the past few years, the very idea that automation will eliminate job positions is overrated to say the least.

Naturally, the concerns about IT automation are still present, especially when new Apps, SaaS, PaaS and the like are now performed automatically instead of by the person. What should be recognized by the IT staffer is that there has been a constant demand for many more applications in their business to run on virtual servers in the cloud ecosystem. Yet, there is often not the additional funds to grow the IT staff to hire new personnel for such jobs. This means that the typical IT department will still grow in terms of the expectations in handling new technology, but will not be “throwing out the old with the new” in terms of personnel.

When you remember that IT is at the heart of new innovations that all businesses will use, stripping them of these departments is rather silly to say the least. What it does mean is that the IT personnel will have to constantly expand their knowledge with new technologies that appear constantly on the horizon. It will not be easy, but then again keeping up with advancing technology never is. In this particular case, automation should be welcomed by an IT department who can then focus on new challenges.

The automated tasks of the IT processes, are only possible thanks to cloud technologies, which use high performance computing resources  to execute all business processes with the smallest human interaction.

To demonstrate the real power of Automation, I’ll leave you with a joke about the datacenter of the future:

The Datacenter of the future runs 24/7 with only a man and a dog.

The man’s job is to feed the dog.

The dog’s job is to make sure the man does not touch the computers.

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