The Dangers of Free Storage Solutions to Your Business

cloud storage lunacloudEveryone knows and uses free cloud services, that have become a very common and well used solution, for personal use. However, there have been risks as demonstrated by hackers that those services has difficulty with storing sensitive, unencrypted information that has brought out a number of issues with this solutions. The problem is that people use these services to save their company’s data and sensitive information.

What follows are just some of the reported dangers of free cloud storage services and the protection that it potentially lacks. For those who use this service to store sensitive information, you may want to encrypt the data so that in case it does get hacked you will not be compromised.


Overlooking Security Practices
It’s amazing just how many businesses do not do the simple security homework needed in order to protect their files when using a cloud storage system. One reason seems to be because while many are concerned about the security features of the cloud overall, they do not seem to take into account that those services as being part of that same cloud. What is needed here is a full evaluation of the cloud services and protections that they provide before using a cloud storage solution.


Failure to Monitor Storage Usage
This is certainly one of the most common errors that occurs in businesses in particular. Generally speaking, employees often file share using free cloud storage solutions and often bypass or not fully comply with all the security concerns. By not encrypting the material that is being delivered to and from the storage, the business runs the risk of having sensitive data being stolen.


Poor Security on Personal Cloud Services
While businesses may overlook security concerns, the same may be true of the cloud provider as well. In one instance there was a breach of password accounts in which the company only reset the passwords of those who were directly affected. However, as security experts have pointed out resetting all of the passwords was recommended because during the breach the hackers could have simply kept duplicates of the passwords that they did not initially use which means that everyone else could be affected down the line.


Lack of Insider Protection
Insider theft is arguably the biggest threat to business information today. While outside hackers have certainly done plenty of damage, insiders who have no compunction with sending out information can use storage solutions to transfer that data to others. This is because a free cloud storage solution is outside the scope of a company’s IT department and cannot be monitored. Thus, if an insider is stealing information it can be quite difficult for them to be tracked down.
Overall, until everyone understands that the free storage is not some secure means of transferring unencrypted data, then information will still be quite vulnerable to hackers as well as insider theft. More information will be compromised in the process which means that all unencrypted information will be highly vulnerable when passed through a free cloud storage service.

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