The Cloud of the moon


Welcome to Lunacloud’s blog! Introductions first…

Lunacloud is a public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service provider that gives you access to resilient compute & storage resources on a pure pay-per-use model on which you can run your applications and store your data.

Simply presented, beautifully designed, low cost infrastructure services that you control, including the ability to resize cloud servers without rebooting, using the web control panel or the API!

This blog is about the Cloud, it’s not about Lunacloud. This is not a commercially-oriented blog. This is also not my personal blog. This is your blog. This is our partners blog. This is the Cloud’s enthusiasts and technologists blog!

We hope to bring you some interesting news, about software and apps (on the Cloud), about tools, libraries, architectures, benchmarks, trends.. anything about the Cloud industry, with a special focus on IaaS and PaaS.

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