The Advantages of Hot Resizing on a Cloud Computing Model

lunacloud hotresizing cloud serverEditing your existing database size or making small changes to your database and server if a lot of your files are kept on cloud servers, can be a real nightmare. Hot Resizing can help you with the process of server management and changes by providing you with true flexibility and an on-demand service. Scalability with cloud computing is very important and making your cloud server adjustable is something that can be very difficult from the perspective of a developer.


Hot resizing makes it simple for you to do complex updates even when you’re cloud server is being accessed for files, programs and more.

Lunacloud can offer you fantastic flexibility and scalability with every aspect of your cloud server. Unlike other cloud server providers who mask you to shut down work for a period of time, we can perform hot resizing which will ensure your service can be updated and upgraded without any of your work being interrupted. This gives you the ultimate in flexibility from the perspective of a customer.

From the perspective of a growing business having the ability to hot resize your service is very important. You never know quite how much data your company may require especially when it is expanding at a rapid rate. With our pay per use model you can be sure to extend your service whenever you need it or if you are working with larger files for short amount of time. This means that you can receive on-demand service to partially extend your cloud computing depending on the types of projects that you are working on, or receive the flexibility to expand your cloud server on very short notice. This means that when you need more resources to deploy your cloud server, you can make it with zero interruptions to your service.

Our company has extensive experience with cloud computing model and as we are performing upgrades or temporary on-demand service increases for your cloud server it’s possible for you to still continue working with all of our existing services. We will be implementing various code and potentially even upgrading your cloud server hardware all while the server continues to run unimpeded.

Cloud Computing will only continue to expand as time goes on and the demand for companies to expand their cloud computing services along with it is extremely understandable. Lunacloud sets out to offer solutions to companies who require cloud hosting but are unsure of the total amount of cloud server resources that they may require.

Join us today and find out what Cloud Computing can bring to your company and business.

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