Begin developing with Cassandra

This article is contributed to Lunacloud blog by Carles Mateo. We architects, developers and start ups are facing new challenges. We have now to create applications that have to scale and scale at world-wide level. That puts over the table big and exciting challenges. To allow that increasing level of scaling, we designed and architect tools and techniques and tricks, … Read More

Cloud Jelastic Marketplace is Already Available

Three weeks ago, we announced an update on Cloud Jelastic, which allowed one-click deployment of apps and environments for any version of Ruby, a new API and a new Marketplace, which allows one-click installation of more than 250 applications. Jelastic’s Marketplace, which provides one-click installation of more than 250 popular applications is already available on Cloud Jelastic. This application support is provided via a partnership … Read More

Getting Started with Cloud Jelastic

With the Cloud Jelastic intuitive UI, you can easily deploy your applications in a fast and trouble free way without ever having to perform any complex configurations. This guide shows how to get started with Jelastic. In order to run your application on Jelastic you need to follow these simple steps: Sign up Create an environment Deploy application   A … Read More

Public IP addresses are now available on Cloud Jelastic

Lunacloud is proud to announce, that public IPs are now available in our Cloud Jelastic, PaaS service. For more secure work of your production environments it is recommended to get and process the requests using Public IP address attached to any instance in the environment with your application. It’s more stable solution with less risk to be affected by many … Read More