Managing a Cloud Server Should be Easy

If your website/application is part of a larger cloud server from a major cloud hosting company such as Amazon or Rackspace for example, you are probably facing complications that should not be present in managing the server. Generally speaking, the larger the company, the more complicated rules and regulations are kept in place because making changes can be difficult for … Read More

How to easily understand Lunacloud’s Storage S3 API?

How to easily understand Lunacloud’s Cloud Storage RESTful API and how do you manage your S3 Storage through our API? This guide is intended for users who would like to write their own programs and scripts to automate management of their storage resources. The  Storage S3 RESTful API provides programmatic access to REST resources. Using the API you can obtain information … Read More

The Advantages of Hot Resizing on a Cloud Computing Model

Editing your existing database size or making small changes to your database and server if a lot of your files are kept on cloud servers, can be a real nightmare. Hot Resizing can help you with the process of server management and changes by providing you with true flexibility and an on-demand service. Scalability with cloud computing is very important … Read More

Netpeças has received some gifts from Lunacloud

We love to hear and share every positive feedback from our customers.  In this case it was Netpeças, a car parts exchange  platform, that is now starting business. Lunacloud is more than happy to support this kind of projects that have a huge potential for growth. Netpeças has chosen Lunacloud’s cloud servers to deploy their platform, and so far they are very satisfied. … Read More

Cloud sights – Eurocloud Congress, Luxembourg

Lunacloud has been present on Eurocloud’s annual congress held in Luxembourg, on the 8th and 9th October, where I had an opportunity to participate as an invited speaker, on the topics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation on the Cloud. During the two days, several panels and discussions took place, on things such as cloud benchmarking, cloud apps on mobile, standardization and … Read More


I am very pleased to announce that we have finally launched our services. We are open for business since Thursday, May 29th, 2012, 11.11 am! We opted for a quiet launch. In addition to our beta-test phase during March and April, we want to make sure that our initial customers receive maximum attention and can contribute with any suggestions to … Read More