Lunacloud is sponsoring Google Dev Fest Madrid

Lunacloud will be sponsoring Google Dev Fest Madrid, in Madrid – Spain next 31st Oct – 1st Nov. GDG DevFest are a large scale events community-driven, held annually worldwide. Each event is organized by a local community of developers, based on the interests of the community, draw up its agenda and content. The topic of DevFest is usually related to … Read More

Parking Now has been awarded with € 1,500 credit on Cloud Services

As we had previously announced, Lunacloud has attended to ESRI Conference in Madrid, as partner sponsor of Geo Developers Code Challenge.  PARKING NOW was the winning project, and has received € 1,500 in Lunacloud credit. Joan Pere, the main responsible for this project can now use any of the three cloud services that Lunacloud provides.   Cloud Server: RAM + CPU … Read More

Buzzstreets the App to Avoid Traffic Jams

Another amazing APP for urban mobility, chose Lunacloud as infrastructure provider. BuzzStreets is an App that improve the quality of live of people from the major cities in the World. By a real time information the user can know if his route has any kind of problem/intervention, by a “push notification” in his smartphone, car computer, tablet or PC. Even if it´s a … Read More

Three Projects Awarded During the Closing Session of the LX Reactor

Bartender Bot, C-trino and Scissors are the names of the three projects awarded at the closing session of the LX Reactor, a tech and design summer camp organized by HackerSchool with the aim of “helping to make”. In this second edition, which joined dozens of students, during three weeks in Instituto Superior Técnico, “to break, learn and build” (break. learn. … Read More

Getting Started with Cloud Jelastic

With the Cloud Jelastic intuitive UI, you can easily deploy your applications in a fast and trouble free way without ever having to perform any complex configurations. This guide shows how to get started with Jelastic. In order to run your application on Jelastic you need to follow these simple steps: Sign up Create an environment Deploy application   A … Read More

Lunacloud cuts the price of Cloud Storage by 50%

Following its recent launch of operations in Russia, Lunacloud doesn’t slow down its development and now announces price cuts of 50% in its cloud storage service. Lunacloud announces that the price of Cloud Storage will be reduced by 50 percent, effective June 1st for all customers. In an increasingly competitive market such as the one for storage, price matters. Although … Read More

The Importance of Big Data on Business

You’ve probably heard the term “big data” quite a bit recently as it has influenced internet trends. Today, many new businesses are looking into big data to help increase their efficiency, sell more products and expand what they do to a larger audience. But what is big data and why is it so important for your business? What follows are … Read More

Celfinet Relies on Lunacloud for Applications Hosting and DB Storage

Celfinet, a privately-owned Portuguese company, providing technical consultancy and telecom solutions for tier 1 mobile network operators, chose Lunacloud to host its applications and database storage. The company that delivers worldwide mobile network software applications were looking for a flexible service, in terms of cost model and resource provisioning mechanisms. In this post, you can read this entire Case Study and learn … Read More

How to Stop a DDOS Attack on Your Website

A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack is becoming more common against business websites every day. This type of attack consists of overloading your IP address with a huge amount of traffic. If the IP address leads to the web server, then even a cloud server may be overwhelmed which will cut off the legitimate traffic to your website. The … Read More