Public Carsharing Platform Based on Lunacloud’s Infrastructure

Mobiag is a startup, which has developed an innovative solution that aims to provide a global shift towards a more intelligent urban mobility.  Mobiag’s public platform is based on Lunacloud’s infrastructure, since one of the company’s requirements was the total flexibility that should be given by the IaaS supplier. Lunacloud enables that same flexibility at a very low cost, compared … Read More

Pre-Configured Packages or On-Demand Cloud Servers?

Some global cloud providers only provides pre-configured servers for users who are looking to build a business platform quickly while taking advantage of some of what cloud computing can do for them. However, this short term gain may result in a long term disadvantage once they grow and learn more about all the capabilities that an on-demand cloud service can bring. Having a customized cloud … Read More

Celfinet Relies on Lunacloud for Applications Hosting and DB Storage

Celfinet, a privately-owned Portuguese company, providing technical consultancy and telecom solutions for tier 1 mobile network operators, chose Lunacloud to host its applications and database storage. The company that delivers worldwide mobile network software applications were looking for a flexible service, in terms of cost model and resource provisioning mechanisms. In this post, you can read this entire Case Study and learn … Read More

How to Stop a DDOS Attack on Your Website

A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack is becoming more common against business websites every day. This type of attack consists of overloading your IP address with a huge amount of traffic. If the IP address leads to the web server, then even a cloud server may be overwhelmed which will cut off the legitimate traffic to your website. The … Read More

Managing a Cloud Server Should be Easy

If your website/application is part of a larger cloud server from a major cloud hosting company such as Amazon or Rackspace for example, you are probably facing complications that should not be present in managing the server. Generally speaking, the larger the company, the more complicated rules and regulations are kept in place because making changes can be difficult for … Read More

Netpeças has received some gifts from Lunacloud

We love to hear and share every positive feedback from our customers.  In this case it was Netpeças, a car parts exchange  platform, that is now starting business. Lunacloud is more than happy to support this kind of projects that have a huge potential for growth. Netpeças has chosen Lunacloud’s cloud servers to deploy their platform, and so far they are very satisfied. … Read More