Getting Started with Cloud Jelastic

With the Cloud Jelastic intuitive UI, you can easily deploy your applications in a fast and trouble free way without ever having to perform any complex configurations. This guide shows how to get started with Jelastic. In order to run your application on Jelastic you need to follow these simple steps: Sign up Create an environment Deploy application   A … Read More

Lunacloud is Heading to HostingCon 2014 in Miami

Lunacloud’s CEO, António Ferreira, was invited to participate in HostingCon, an annual, ‘must-attend’ event for a broad range of hosting and cloud professionals of every level, which will take place in Miami Beach, Florida, on the 16th to 18 June. António will include a panel of service providers representing a combination of regional and international companies and a variety of … Read More

Why Proximity is so Important at the Time of Choosing a Cloud Service Provider?

If you are choosing a provider to host your website/application, we recommend you having a local cloud service provider that offers the right local support. There are many advantages to having your applications on a local cloud server as compared to having your service provided by a large, international company. Proximity to where you are is an important factor when … Read More

How to Stop a DDOS Attack on Your Website

A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack is becoming more common against business websites every day. This type of attack consists of overloading your IP address with a huge amount of traffic. If the IP address leads to the web server, then even a cloud server may be overwhelmed which will cut off the legitimate traffic to your website. The … Read More

Managing a Cloud Server Should be Easy

If your website/application is part of a larger cloud server from a major cloud hosting company such as Amazon or Rackspace for example, you are probably facing complications that should not be present in managing the server. Generally speaking, the larger the company, the more complicated rules and regulations are kept in place because making changes can be difficult for … Read More