Public Carsharing Platform Based on Lunacloud’s Infrastructure

Mobiag is a startup, which has developed an innovative solution that aims to provide a global shift towards a more intelligent urban mobility.  Mobiag’s public platform is based on Lunacloud’s infrastructure, since one of the company’s requirements was the total flexibility that should be given by the IaaS supplier.

Lunacloud enables that same flexibility at a very low cost, compared to other IaaS cloud providers, which only provide sealed packages of computational resources.

mobiag CEO João Félix“Very simple to use, even for someone who is not an experienced user like me. The information about the prices is clear and displayed in real time”

João Felix, Mobiag’s CEO.

In this post, you can read this entire Case Study and learn how Mobiag has chose Lunacloud’s infrastructure to host its public platform and website.




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