Pre-Configured Packages or On-Demand Cloud Servers?

custom cloud server lunacloudSome global cloud providers only provides pre-configured servers for users who are looking to build a business platform quickly while taking advantage of some of what cloud computing can do for them. However, this short term gain may result in a long term disadvantage once they grow and learn more about all the capabilities that an on-demand cloud service can bring.

Having a customized cloud service which can be directed more towards your specific needs will offer many advantages over the long run.


For that reason, some providers, like Lunacloud, offers both alternatives, so the customer can choose between a pre-configured or customized cloud servers, according to the needs of each client. Furthermore, the features are easily scalable, avoiding problems associated with peak usage.

What follows are just a few of these advantages and what they can offer you and your business:

Size & Speed
Using a customized cloud computing service, there is no need to purchase any additional resources, all you really need to do is reset the amount that you need so that your online services can function at their very best.

Low Cost
When you consider that having the ability to customize cloud services to your needs means that you will save money in the long run. This is because pre-packaged services have limitations that cannot be exceeded without some type of cost. In fact, there may be limitations that prevent what you want them to accomplish. However, having your own customized service means that you are not wasting resources that you are paying for.

Cloud computing is rapidly changing on a regular basis which means that the capabilities it has today may be dwarfed by what happens in the near future. By having a customized service for your cloud-based operations, new technology will be available first and foremost to your efforts. This is because the prime mover of innovation centers on the cloud when it comes to computing.

Generally speaking, the overheads for cloud services are low and they are available immediately as well. This means that as soon as you sign up, you are definitely on your way. With a customized service, you can take advantage of new innovations quickly and incorporate them into your cloud service or choose not to if they do not apply to your needs.

Storage Space
If there is one thing that makes cloud services really stand out, it is the storage space that it utilizes. With pre-packaged cloud services, you may still have plenty of space, but the customized version allows you to better utilize it for your needs.

Arguably the main reason to choose customized cloud services is the flexibility in all aspects of your business. From working with the service providers to changing around the needs of your online storage and more, having a customized cloud service offer the ability to change quickly to meet new demands.

Overall, having a customized cloud based service offers more advantages than pre-packaged services offered by the most part of the players globally, because on one hand you are not paying for wasted resources, and on the other you will not have restrictions in terms of resources performance that may compromise your operations.

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