Parking Now has been awarded with € 1,500 credit on Cloud Services

As we had previously announced, Lunacloud has attended to ESRI Conference in Madrid, as partner sponsor of Geo Developers Code Challenge

Lunacloud ESRI Geodevelopers Free Credit

João Simões, from Lunacloud and Joan Pere from Parking Now

PARKING NOW was the winning project, and has received € 1,500 in Lunacloud credit. Joan Pere, the main responsible for this project can now use any of the three cloud services that Lunacloud provides.


Cloud Server: RAM + CPU + DISK, Virtual elastic server with your choice of RAM, CPU and DISK resources, running Linux or Windows, paid by the hour. From 0.0155 € per hour!

Cloud Storage: DISK, Virtual disk for persistent object storage accessible via a web browser or the S3-compatible API. From 0.07 € per GB per month!

Cloud Jelastic: HOSTING PLATFORM, A Java/PHP/Ruby cloud hosting platform for developers to focus on their applications and not on infrastructure management, paid per hour. From 0.0010 € per hour!


To Joan and the rest of the team, CONGRATS from Lunacloud Team


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