The Cloud Adoption by Portuguese Companies…

…will be the main subject of the Cloud Forum, happening at E-Show Lisboa, 2014!   Are Portuguese companies migrating to the Cloud? What kind of applications and services work better in the Cloud than in traditional systems? There is a different approach on the part of enterprises and suppliers, depending on whether IaaS or SaaS? The disucssion will also be about … Read More

Lunacloud is now hosting Shifter

  Tech, Science, Brands, Web, Culture & Entertainment. Welcome Shifter! Lunacloud is proud to host Shifter, an independent website focused in a young – urban, technology fan, web user, passionate about creativity, ideas, brands, photography, music, film, art and science – public.     Shifter, is using Lunacloud’s PaaS solution, Cloud Jelastic, the next generation of Java, PHP and Ruby … Read More

Get New Amazing Apps, in Cloud Jelastic in Just One-Click

Good news! Lunacloud has increased the list of packaged apps available on Cloud Jelastic. This week, we are happy to announce that the following applications are already available for one-click installation: Modx 2.3.0 DokuWiki 4.5.5 SugarCRM 6.5.17 Maian Support 3.0 All of these packages and even more apps are available on Cloud Jelastic’s control panel.   Learn how you can stop … Read More

Buzzstreets the App to Avoid Traffic Jams

Another amazing APP for urban mobility, chose Lunacloud as infrastructure provider. BuzzStreets is an App that improve the quality of live of people from the major cities in the World. By a real time information the user can know if his route has any kind of problem/intervention, by a “push notification” in his smartphone, car computer, tablet or PC. Even if it´s a … Read More

How the Cloud is Changing Business Processes?

Cloud Computing, a term which has been on the scene of business and technology headlines for the past few years. Not only has the term Cloud Computing been one of the most important technologies lately, but new services have also have emerged from it. You must be familiar with one of the names of these major cloud services: SaaS, IaaS, … Read More

Lunacloud is Sponsoring Geo Developers Code Challenge

Lunacloud, a European pure-play cloud services provider of reliable, elastic and low cost cloud infrastructure services (IaaS and PaaS), is sponsoring Geo Developers Code Challenge, a challenge to reward those who are able to create an application that solves any question or spatial problem, such as: Geolocation Games Geo Alerts Evaluation Suitability of some areas Calculate Driving Times 3D Games … Read More

Welcome miMOTIVE

We look forward to the official launch of miMOTIVE, a multi-purpose automotive B2B solution for content providers and content consumers. miMOTIVE has created a curated automotive marketplace, inviting only the best four and five star rated expert content providers and publishers to participate, and even offer a money back guarantee should customers be dissatisfied with any content or service provided. … Read More

Lunacloud Control Panel Update

Good news! We would like to inform you that we carried out significant improvements to our Control Panel, among which we highlight: Real-time cost control, per node Simpler and even more attractive interface Multiple Keys management and new features on Cloud Storage You can now switch to the beta version by logging into Control Panel and clicking the button New … Read More

Public Carsharing Platform Based on Lunacloud’s Infrastructure

Mobiag is a startup, which has developed an innovative solution that aims to provide a global shift towards a more intelligent urban mobility.  Mobiag’s public platform is based on Lunacloud’s infrastructure, since one of the company’s requirements was the total flexibility that should be given by the IaaS supplier. Lunacloud enables that same flexibility at a very low cost, compared … Read More

Is NSA Destroying the Cloud?

Of the many different scandals that have hit over the past two years in the US, the spying of the National Security Agency, the institution of the Patriot Act, and the effect on the data privacy of people around the world may have garnered the most attention and concern. While people’s opinion of Edward Snowden is certainly divided, there is … Read More