Lunacloud is Giving Free Cloud Servers to ShiftAPPens Hackathon

Luancloud Cloud Servers Free Hackathon

Lunacloud will sponsor (once again) ShiftAPPens, a portuguese 3 day hackathon that will take place in DEI – University in Coimbra, Portugal, this weekend. Lunacloud will also offer special prizes for the winning projects: 1st place – 300€ in Lunacloud credit. 2nd place – 150€ in Lunacloud credit. 3rd place – 75€ in Lunacloud credit. Selected from the public – … Read More

ComputeNext Leverages Lunacloud IaaS to Deliver Solutions Through Its Global Cloud Marketplace

ComputeNext is a Bellevue, WA based cloud-technology Company that is pioneering the way organizations search, discover, procure and provision cloud infrastructure with their Global Cloud Marketplace. As a recognized leader in cloud service brokerage they enable end-to-end transactions across platform agnostic infrastructure. ComputeNext’s Marketplace requires as many scalable cloud service providers as possible so that its customers have a choice … Read More

4 Things Cloud Users Expect from the Cloud Service Providers

Several reports show that about 72% of the companies worldwide expect to put a majority of their workloads including their SaaS in the cloud by 2017. The increasing amount of cloud workloads and its complexity increase the expectations of companies towards cloud providers. Lunacloud, as a cloud services provider tells you four key points that should be taken into account … Read More

What has Cloud Technology Done for Us?

When it first started, “the cloud” wasn’t even really thought of as “the cloud.” In fact, there wasn’t really any kind of name for it. It was just part of the internet. I’m talking, of course, of webmail, and specifically, Hotmail: that first cloud service, before there was a cloud. The idea to store all relevant information centrally flowed naturally … Read More

Lunacloud Gives Free Cloud Servers @Gopher Gala

Increasingly committed to support and help all type of hackathons,  Lunacloud is sponsoring the Gopher Gala 2015. In addition to the monetary sponsorship to help the organization of this event, Lunacloud also provides free cloud servers to all participants of this hackathon. With this special offer, they can enjoy a reliable and scalable infrastructure for their Golang applications development. We … Read More

How to Create Sub Accounts in Lunacloud?

Last week we announced an important upgrade to our Control Panel. One of the new features of the new version of Lunacloud’s Control Panel, is the ability to create Sub-Accounts. You can assign Sub Accounts to individuals that are working with you on your project. Sub accounts have the same permissions of as the regular account has, except for the … Read More

New Sign Up Process

We‘ve changed our sign up process. Now it’s simple, faster and even more friendly. As of now all users can also do the registration via Facebook and Google + You can access to the new sign up page clicking here  

Lunacloud Control Panel Final Upgrade

We would like to inform you that the upgrade to the new version of the Control Panel has been completed.You may access the new control panel by clicking the Sign In button at the top of our website, as usual. If you prefer to access it directly, from the 15th January this will be the only valid link to the … Read More

What Can You Do With Your Cloud Server?

The IT World is constantly shifting its gears and with the widespread adoption of cloud servers, the demand for cloud services is growing rapidly. If you are curious enough to know about the cloud server, you probably have already heard of or even used the shared hosting or dedicated servers for running your website on webservers, mail servers, and database … Read More

Billing Cycle Changes

We would like to inform you that Lunacloud is going to change the billing cycle. So far, you are billed every 30 days and you receive your invoice each month on the anniversary day of your signup. For example, if you signup a subscription on 18th December, you will receive the invoice on the 18th of each month. From January … Read More