Beta-test phase 1 completed

A quick update on the beta-test phase 1, that we started on the 23rd March and ended on the 18th April. We had 98 participants from all over Europe, that tried for the first time our Cloud Servers (1 Linux, 1 Windows) and Cloud Storage services (S3-API compatible)! The feedback we had was great, in terms of bug fixes, improvements … Read More

So many different flavors in a cloud. Which one is right for you?

Despite the buzz around cloud computing, there is still a lot of confusion about what the concept really means and the advantages it can bring in a pure IT sense. Is it a better option than buying and maintaining services in premises, virtualization or pure web hosting? If we recall a pure definition, Cloud Computing is a general expression related … Read More

A new “galaxy” of opportunities for entrepreneurs

Remember the time when you had to go door to door to get the tools to start a new project, buying servers, routers, connection, and building a website from scratch, relying on your programming and networking capabilities? Probably most of today’s entrepreneurs are too young to remember the challenges of being a one man show. And that’s fantastic. Nowadays there … Read More

The Cloud of the moon

Hi! Welcome to Lunacloud’s blog! Introductions first… Lunacloud is a public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service provider that gives you access to resilient compute & storage resources on a pure pay-per-use model on which you can run your applications and store your data. Simply presented, beautifully designed, low cost infrastructure services that you control, including the ability to resize cloud servers without rebooting, … Read More