It’s the application, stupid….

It is not surprising that some of the biggest advocates of cloud-based services are those that provide them. However, there are many others including end user organisations that have come to recognise the benefits along with analyst houses such as Quocirca that have followed the development of such services from the early days, before anyone was calling “the cloud” the … Read More

Why the Cloud is greener

I know the energy efficiency issues are not one of the main concerns of cloud services users, but I believe this is a very important question for anyone with environmental concerns, and one of the key benefits of the technology. Cloud based services can really reduce energy use, lower carbon emissions and save you money in the process. And this … Read More

Local Clouds do it better

Where is my data stored when I use a Cloud service? This is a frequent question, but it should be even more important for companies and developers in Europe. Why? First the legislation that protects personal data is dramatically different in the United States, not mentioning other regions where it is almost inexistent. Second because with data replication it is … Read More


I am very pleased to announce that we have finally launched our services. We are open for business since Thursday, May 29th, 2012, 11.11 am! We opted for a quiet launch. In addition to our beta-test phase during March and April, we want to make sure that our initial customers receive maximum attention and can contribute with any suggestions to … Read More

Scientific Clouds reveal their powers

We always talk about the advantages of cloud technology for companies and entrepreneurs, but it is amazing to see what the scientific community is doing and the way it has embraced the technology. The number of projects that are being developed in the cloud is incredible, and every day we see new announcements, of big initiatives or small projects that … Read More

The importance of APIs in the Cloud

Flexibility is one of the main advantages of cloud technology, but this extends to the way you manage the service, and not only to the physical capabilities to escalate the servers capacity and workloads whenever you need. If you look from the developer point of view, the way you interact with the provider services is almost as important as the … Read More

5 key points to look for in a cloud service

With the cloud buzz going around, it has become usual that some of my friends ask me how they can choose between so many different services. Of course I have already evangelized them about the advantages, so now they just want help to pick the best service… My first answer should be: wait for Lunacloud to become commercial. But I … Read More

Drive for Storage in the Cloud

Last week Google took another step in the cloud strategy launching Google Drive, after several months (years?) of rumors. Anyone doubts that this move can change the cloud storage market, at least from the consumer perspective? We can argue that it comes late, that Dropbox has already gained the confidence of Internet users, that it’s weaker than SkyDrive from Microsoft … Read More

Keep the focus on the most important issue: development

There are tons of articles on the Internet with good advices on how to develop websites and web applications, and the mistakes to avoid. Most of them give good guidance about the process, the way you should start with a solid idea and a clean wireframe; the possibility to start a design contest to get a brand new, and unique … Read More