Managing a Cloud Server Should be Easy

If your website/application is part of a larger cloud server from a major cloud hosting company such as Amazon or Rackspace for example, you are probably facing complications that should not be present in managing the server. Generally speaking, the larger the company, the more complicated rules and regulations are kept in place because making changes can be difficult for them to accomplish.

Lunacloud Simple Cloud Hosting

This may seem counter-intuitive at first since it is in the best interest of all cloud hosting companies to make things as easy as possible for their customers. Unfortunately, the size and complexity of a large company’s administration often creates unusual rules or regulations that become outdated and yet not changed that affect the proper management of a cloud server.

There are several complications that arise when moving or creating your website on a large cloud service provider. Each of these issues involves the very size and complexity of the company and not so much the cloud server itself.

Confusing Price Model: Too many cloud hosting companies offer various price structures for using their servers which can be difficult to understand. In many cases, it’s not really the presentation of the information, but it is focused on just how the services really affect your website. For example, just how much cloud storage space do you really need? Most websites rarely need more than 1GB, much less 10 or 100 although it’s nice to know it is there it seems. Understanding exactly what your site needs is very important in choosing the right price model to get the right services.

Complicated Policies: In order to properly run your website, you need clear, unambiguous policies so that you can best understand what you can do, the potential your cloud server has and what actions you can take in the future if you need more services. Unfortunately, many companies have complicated policies that leave plenty of outs for them in terms of the service that they deliver. For example, you might wind up paying more for additional services that may seemingly have been covered by your initial plan.

Linguistic Issues: If you choose to use a server from an international company, you might run into language issues that may become quite problematic. It can be very difficult to communicate effectively with someone from customer service or tech support when English is not their first language. With this in mind, you may want to choose a more local company. However, there may be limitations there as well, so you will need to see if they have all the resources that you require.

When looking for a cloud server provider to meet the needs of your online business, it is important to completely go over the services, price structure and support that they offer before you make the decision. There are providers out there who make things easy when it comes to understanding the basic services that they offer, so be sure to fully check out what they have before making the selection.

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