Lunacloud Top Tips for All PHP Developers

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PHP is one of the most popular languages among developers and there have always been a couple of important things that PHP developers should nor forget.

Here are some tips I came across over the years which are worth taking a look at:

1) Use Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
OOP is essentially a method of programming providing fast and reliable results with the use of classes, or Objects. Consider these as a group of things put together that will save you from code repetition and provide an easier way to perform basic task. With the use of Objects, Classes which are a collection of functions can be used over and over again whenever needed without being rewritten. Procedural Programming works by following a routine from the top to the bottom of each page as the server reads every file one after the other in that order. With OOP, there could be one or two objects being instantiated, which, in turn could instantiate a few, a hundred or a thousand other objects which could all perform certain tasks depending on variables passed into the objects. OOP is definitely a faster, simpler and easy to debug programming language. It also has the benefits of using less server resources and less code which means shorter loading time. The use of OPP will improve your development style for good.

2) Ending anything with _once() will kill you.
The function include() provided a warning when it fails , while require() kills the script with a fatal error. As for include_once() and require_once() they shouldn’t be used if you plan to code properly but in case you do use them, bear in mind that they are extremely hard on server resources and even worst on a huge framework.

3) Keep Error Reporting On during Development
Putting things to E_ALL is usually the 1st thing I do whenever I’m starting a new project. I think error reporting is a stress free option and should only be turned off a few seconds before going into production mode. This will protect you from even the smallest of errors which might have grown up to be a huge pain in the……Ops

4) Only use a Framework when needed
Frameworks are great when developing non-Hello World applications but, let’s face it! If the application is not that complex it’s preferable to go with coding from scratch. This will save you time you might have spent studying the framework before starting to code. Frameworks will help you do the tedious things, plus it is harder to write a bad code when most of it had already be written and tested by someone else.

5) Use PHP’s Inbuilt Functions
I’ll like to count the amount of keys in an array? Although this can be achieved be looping through the array and simply increment a value for each iteration, you cloud just use the built in PHP function count() and get things going in a way shorter period of time.

6) Choose a Reliable and Auto-Scalable PaaS Solution to Host Your Application
A PaaS solution such as Cloud Jelastic offers truly flexible and elastic pricing for developers. It is based upon resource usage so that developers pay only for resources used by applications. Applications can be deployed in minutes. A wide array of app server and database choices provide the broadest range of application support.


In addition to what was mentioned above; Apply test cases; Protecting your database, Using POST instead of GET, Wire framing, a Good understanding of the project and coding until your last breath will only go to making you a very good programmer.