Lunacloud is Giving Free Cloud Servers to ShiftAPPens Hackathon

Luancloud Cloud Servers Free Hackathon

Lunacloud will sponsor (once again) ShiftAPPens, a portuguese 3 day hackathon that will take place in DEI – University in Coimbra, Portugal, this weekend.

Lunacloud will also offer special prizes for the winning projects:

1st place – 300€ in Lunacloud credit.
2nd place – 150€ in Lunacloud credit.
3rd place – 75€ in Lunacloud credit.
Selected from the public – SURPRISE (come and see)


Lunacloud’s CTO, Hugo Tavares will be mentor and will give some support on security and network,  over the three-day hackathon.

Participants can use any language. However, to better support we recommend the following languages: JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, C ++, C #, and Obj-C and its derivatives frameworks (eg Ruby on Rails or Django). Lunacloud is also giving Free Cloud Servers to all participants, so they can use Lunacloud Infrastructure to write their code.

We believe that the next great app idea can come from anywhere or anyone. So, join us there and come to develop the APP of the year!

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