Lunacloud Increases Free Traffic to 1TB per Customer

Lunacloud has redefined its service offer with regard to the provision of public traffic from its cloud infrastructure, offering from Nov. 1st 2014, 1TB of traffic per customer, instead of the current 10 GB.

With this increase in the free monthly credit limit traffic, “Lunacloud just want to have the most competitive offer in the market “, says António Miguel Ferreira, the company’s CEO. He adds that “our Cloud Servers have been recognized by the market as a service with high performance and resilience. Now we added a new dimension by providing free traffic to the majority of customers, as 1 TB is a level of monthly traffic that few customers use “.

In addition to this change and as result of a greater scarcity of IPv4, Lunacloud also announced a reduction in the provision of free public IP’s (IPv4). The current 8 free IP’s per customer, will become to 2. The reason for this reduction is related to the fact that the IPv4 is now an increasingly scarce resource in the market.

Lunacloud chooses to keep the free supply of IPs, although smaller, when most of the vendors charges for this service from the 1st IP address. The hourly rate for each public IP (IPv4), above the 2 that are free, is only € 0.0050. IPv6 are free and unlimited.


Following the price lists valid from November 1st, 2014

lunacloud traffic free

With these changes Lunacloud intends to continue to offer a high quality service at the most competitive prices in the cloud market. Check all prices

Lunacloud is committed to keep its service levels and adjust its prices, taking into account the economies of scale generated by its growing customer base, while retains its competitiveness in comparison with other service providers in the cloud.

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