Lunacloud Control Panel Final Upgrade

Lunacloud Free Sign in

We would like to inform you that the upgrade to the new version of the Control Panel has been completed.You may access the new control panel by clicking the Sign In button at the top of our website, as usual.

Free Signin Lunacloud

If you prefer to access it directly, from the 15th January this will be the only valid link to the Control Panel:


If you have the old address bookmarked, be sure to replace it by the new one.

Significant improvements in this new version

    1. Real-time cost control
    2. Ability to create Sub Accounts
    3. Simpler and even more attractive interface
    4. Multiple Keys management and new features on Cloud Storage


Here’s a brief taste of the new version

lunacloud new control panel

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.