Lunacloud as doubled the CPU power on Cloud Jelastic with the same price

We’re thrilled to announce that Cloud Jelastic doubles CPU power for all computing environments, and the price stays the same!

Each Jelastic cloudlet now has 2x more CPU power than before. A new Jelastic cloudlet size equals to 128 MB RAM and 400 MHz of CPU.

So, what does this mean for Cloud Jelastic users?

The performance of your Jelastic cloud environments will be increased up to 100%.

New cloudlet sizing is best suited for analytics, web and database servers, batch processing, as well as for scenarios that do not require much memory or SSD per CPU core.

Therefore, your Cloud Jelastic Cloud environment becomes even more cost effective and optimized in terms of computing performance.

All changes are applied automatically to your existing and newly created environments from July 13, 2016, so you don’t need to do anything to take advantage of these new extra-performance cloudlets.

Check out the fantastic performance of Jelastic instances right now!