ComputeNext Leverages Lunacloud IaaS to Deliver Solutions Through Its Global Cloud Marketplace

ComputeNext is a Bellevue, WA based cloud-technology Company that is pioneering the way organizations search, discover, procure and provision cloud infrastructure with their Global Cloud Marketplace. As a recognized leader in cloud service brokerage they enable end-to-end transactions across platform agnostic infrastructure. ComputeNext’s Marketplace requires as many scalable cloud service providers as possible so that its customers have a choice when it comes to infrastructure that matches their requirements in terms of price, performance, support and SLA. They have found that many customers choose Lunacloud to address challenges and improve application performance for the EMEA region citing stable performance, uptime, and competitive bandwidth pricing as a driving force in many end-users decision-making processes.

In this post, you can read this entire Case Study and learn how ComputeNext can deliver a high quality service to its customers, due to the high availability and reliability of Lunacloud’s infrastructure.

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