Cloud sights – Eurocloud Congress, Luxembourg

Lunacloud has been present on Eurocloud’s annual congress held in Luxembourg, on the 8th and 9th October, where I had an opportunity to participate as an invited speaker, on the topics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation on the Cloud.

During the two days, several panels and discussions took place, on things such as cloud benchmarking, cloud apps on mobile, standardization and compliance, cloud brokerage, amongst others.

It was very interesting to see the dynamics of the industry, which states my point that the cloud industry is at its early stages… we are at the same point in the cloud adoption curve as we were with the Internet access market back in 1995! Which means we’re just starting and have a long way to go to see businesses worldwide massively migrating their IT to cloud, in public, private or hybrid environments. The Cloud is not yet ingrained in the European IT culture, but it will!

Amongst many IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, datacenter providers and other players of the industry at the event, a special note to Cedexis and ComputeNext. Cedexis is a french-based cloud performance optimizer for global customers and ComputeNext is a cloud broker, based in the US. Expect to hear more soon, about Lunacloud and these two companies, as we will be working together!

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