Cloud Jelastic Version 2.5 Released

Lunacloud is glad to inform that is going to release an update to its Cloud Jelastic platform.

Cloud Jelastic 2.5 will include support for multiple nodes of different stacks, automatic horizontal scaling of app servers, and Marketplace expansion. Python and Node.js hosting also introduced to enhance Jelastic’s multi-language PaaS capabilities. The polyglot platform also supports popular programming languages, Java, PHP, and Ruby (.NET will be available soon).


The current Cloud Jelastic release (2.5) provides new features:

  • Python and Node.js Hosting
  • Environment Transferring
  • Automatic Horizontal Scaling
  • Load Alerts
  • Multi Nodes
  • Software Stack Versions (see below)


Tomcat 7.0.55 TomEE 1.7.0 Java 8 1.8.0_20
MariaDB 5.5.39 /10.0.13 MongoDB 2.6.4 MySQL 5.7.4
PostgreSQL 9.3.5 PHP 5.6 5.6.0 Ruby 2.0.0 2.0.0-p481
Ruby 2.1.1 2.1.2 Python 3.4 3.4.0 Node.js 0.10


This release includes significant usability improvements of the Marketplace section at Jelastic’s dashboard, offering more than two hundred applications, which can be automatically installed within an appropriate environment, in just one-click.

Additional improvements and features in Jelastic version 2.5:

● Updated software stack versions
● GIT Garbage Collector
● Facilitated process of SSH connection to the containers
● New Apache and NGINX modules for PHP apps
● Cartridges enhancements
● Improved templates management via JCA (admin panel)


 According to Ivo Guerreiro, Head of Development of LunacloudIvo Guerreiro Lunacloud Development

“Now, Jelastic supports Python and Javascript two of the most used programming languages ​​in agile web development, making both part of the TOP 10 of IEEE  most popular programming languages”




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