Cloud Jelastic + Docker Integration to Enable Continuous Application Delivery

Jelastic and DockerJelastic has announced integration with Docker using Parallels Cloud Server. The collaboration will allow service providers to enable continuous application delivery, fully elastic scalability and integrated orchestration and management for hosting applications in the cloud. This is the first industry solution that combines Docker’s application delivery approach and Parallels containers, fully managed via Cloud Jelastic PaaS.

Docker, Jelastic and Parallels Cloud Server are complementary to each other. Docker addresses application assembly, delivery and portability; Jelastic provides orchestration and management for hosting applications in the cloud and Parallels Cloud Server offers container and storage infrastructure performance and availability.

Docker standard in Cloud Jelastic allows the companies to reach a wider market of public and private cloud customers who require more automation, security, optimization of resources consumption and flexibility, while setting and managing their applications, clusters and services.

With the integration of Docker standard across the Cloud Jelastic platform, users will now have more flexibility and options while installing any stack, application or system.

Customers will also get the added benefits of Parallels Cloud Server and Cloud Jelastic PaaS. Features include the following:

  • Live migration of Dockers
  • Granular division of physical servers into containers with Docker but not into VMs
  • High density and maximum utilization of server resources
  • Full isolation and security of containers
  • Smart distribution of Docker from one environment evenly on different physical servers
  • Optimal use of resources with the help of hibernation
  • Automation and resource management
  • Full orchestration of your Dockers

Cloud Jelastic Lunacloud

Cloud Jelastic, with the support of Docker standard, will provide developers with a joint platform that lets them easily host and manage all types of applications or services, within a wide choice of datacenters around the world. Docker’s lightweight, simplicity, portability and appeal to developers will become a positive addition for Cloud Jelastic’s flexibility and technology superiority on the cloud market.

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