Buzzstreets the App to Avoid Traffic Jams

Another amazing APP for urban mobility, chose Lunacloud as infrastructure provider.

BuzzStreets is an App that improve the quality of live of people from the major cities in the World. By a real time information the user can know if his route has any kind of problem/intervention, by a “push notification” in his smartphone, car computer, tablet or PC. Even if it´s a small, media or big intervention.

buzzstreets lunacloud


BuzzStreets can also provide alternative routes (smartrouting), say how much time does the intervention is going to take and what kind of intervention is. It can also show the pictures of the problem/ intervention in real day time. The problem/ intervention can be repair of buildings, constructions on public roads, faults in underground, accidents, sport events, demonstrations, strikes, VIP routes, repairing craters/ holes, etc.

BuzzStreets also collects all this data into a single platform, organizes and provides the corresponding authorities for monitoring and oversight all public roads, in the cities. A good city is a smart city. A great city is a city “from” the future. Information available (open data center) and prevention (smartrouting) are the “master keys” of that future.


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