Beta-test phase 1 completed

A quick update on the beta-test phase 1, that we started on the 23rd March and ended on the 18th April. We had 98 participants from all over Europe, that tried for the first time our Cloud Servers (1 Linux, 1 Windows) and Cloud Storage services (S3-API compatible)!

The feedback we had was great, in terms of bug fixes, improvements and new features. Also important, many benchmarking tests against Amazon AWS allowed us to go deeper in fine tuning the performance of our cloud infrastructure services, to give you much more CPU power per vCPU (RAM and disk I/O performance was impeccable). This motivated us to initiate a phase 2 of the beta-test and postpone our public launch to May.

The phase 2 will start in the next few days and will provide access not only to the resources directly, but also to the control panel and the APIs.

Please keep in touch and continue to help us improve to build a strong european cloud IaaS offer!

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