Are you thinking about starting an Entrepreneurial career?

Over the past few years, we have noted a big change of mind on the business and economic reality. Many companies have been finding some difficulties to follow this change of pattern and strive keeping up with the latest trends in the economic and business actuality.

There are some reasons that caused this change of mind and paradigm, including the economic crisis, outdated business models and some old school mindset of business managers.

Employees start to be tired of old methodologies that are required to comply, tight schedules and  boring tasks. Some of them begin to realize this trend and think ever more of starting their own business, to undertake their ideas and use them to make money.

But what about thinking to quit their jobs to be an entrepreneur? That’s scary!

But is it really that scary, saying goodbye to your boss and stand up for your own dreams and will? Absolutely not!

A large number of business employees around the world are doing it, to be able to find the freedom they never had in their life. The last executive report of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are about 400 million of people who claim to be entrepreneur, and these people are among the happiest individuals across the globe when it comes to individual well-being and satisfaction with their work conditions.

So, what these people are looking for, to give up a career as a worker, and starting out as an entrepreneur?

Freedom – They can do whatever and whenever they want, because they are the bosses. Wouldn’t be great if you could develop your professional tasks while standing on the beach taking a sunbath, or for example at a nice terrace having a coffee or a soft drink? Awesome right?

Deserving– Many people who work for companies, developing their work with all the professionalism and dedication, sometimes it is not even recognized by the employer or by the market. There are cases where people feel frustrated by not being properly rewarded and recognized for their work. For entrepreneurs, this doesn’t happen, since are they who have full control of everything, and they are responsible for the deserving of their work, effort and dedication.

Financial Benefits – Although making what you love, the way you want, whenever and wherever you want, is priceless, being an entrepreneur can mean earning a lot of money. You becoming an entrepreneur does not mean you won the lottery, however if you do it right, there are many chances of having the greatest financial success with your business and your life.

Please take a look to this interesting info graphic, brought by oDesk about what people think about the entrepreneurship mindset and the main reasons why people gave up their regular jobs and started their own career.


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