A new “galaxy” of opportunities for entrepreneurs

Remember the time when you had to go door to door to get the tools to start
a new project, buying servers, routers, connection, and building a website
from scratch, relying on your programming and networking capabilities?
Probably most of today’s entrepreneurs are too young to remember the
challenges of being a one man show. And that’s fantastic.

Nowadays there are so many tools to help new ideas to become real products
that most of the barriers can be overcome in a question of days, or even
hours, giving the entrepreneurs the means to respond to fastest time to
market and “monetize” their creativity and projects.

The cloud technology is becoming a key factor for the launching of many new
services and virtual products, or for the beginning of companies, that in
the “old days” would never transform into reality.

If you are a young and restless entrepreneur consider how much you can save
by relying on a cloud service:

  1.  You can have access to the best breed of IT infrastructure services
    in form of web services
  2. No initial investment: you can rely on a model of pay as you go
    that gives you the opportunity to experiment the business model
  3. You have the agility to scale the service almost infinitely,
    adding or removing services as you need them, from bootstrap to worldwide
  4. The reliability and security of the services and data is assured by
    the best technology and certifications

In fact, what companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google took years to build in their own datacenters you can buy in a few clicks. Just add your idea of a winner service or project to guarantee the success.

So, what are you all waiting for?

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