4 Things Cloud Users Expect from the Cloud Service Providers

Several reports show that about 72% of the companies worldwide expect to put a majority of their workloads including their SaaS in the cloud by 2017. The increasing amount of cloud workloads and its complexity increase the expectations of companies towards cloud providers. Lunacloud, as a cloud services provider tells you four key points that should be taken into account by choosing your cloud services provider:

lunacloud cloud portability1. Portability (Public with Hybrid Cloud)

Hybrid cloud models are widely used by most companies today i.e. using more than one cloud and a mixture of public and private cloud providers. Therefore, portability among cloud providers is important. Although sticking to a single vendor would be ideal, the truth is enterprises mix and match cloud services to a specific need of each cloud workload. Business agility is considered by up to 35 percent of companies the primary reason as to why they adopted cloud. So, providers have to ensure that the transfer of a test and development environment or maybe a cloud workload to a different cloud or internal infrastructure needs to be as stress free as possible.


Lunacloud Support2. Exclusive support (Average response time, Languages, etc)

Although some enterprises may find moving to the cloud very easy, this might not be the case for others. Moving is relatively easier for companies already virtualized while others with more complex environments, would maybe require expertise in strategy consulting and migration road mapping to ensure a smooth migration. Cloud providers with an exclusive support service that can deliver a fast response time in multiple languages that resolves issues in a fast, simple and transparent way, can bring you more benefits.


Lunacloud Bandwith3. Reliable Networks (bandwidth)
When companies were asked about the most important factor they look for in cloud computing services, 84% and 70% rated uptime and performance as a critical factor respectively. With the large and growing volume of traffic, companies can only rely on their providers to deliver a quality, security and capacity network so as to ensure the proper operation of data-intensive and performance-driven applications.



Lunacloud Security4. Security

No matter the infrastructure or platform used, security will never stop to be something of great concern to all enterprises. Cloud computing is viewed by most enterprises as a means to increase security. Also, when asked 65% of companies stated that cloud computing doesn’t compromise security but does a good job in improving it.


Many enterprises are taking interest in cloud computing and see their models transformed every day. So, cloud providers need to offer portability, support, network and security that can assist with this process.