Lunacloud as doubled the CPU power on Cloud Jelastic with the same price

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Askfor app cuts its hosting costs by half with Cloud Jelastic

Askfor Cloud Jelastic Lunacloud

Askfor, creator of a mobile application that streamlines restaurant services, needed a better solution to deal with the high number of users requests to its application. To rely on the scalability responding to all these requests, the company chose Lunacloud’s PaaS solution, Cloud Jelastic. As a result, the company saved a lot of time with setup and provisioning servers to … Read More

10 Reasons to Learn Java Programming Language and Why Java is Best


Java has proven to be the best ever in the last 20 years and has gained strength enormously during this period. There are several reasons as to why you should learn java programming and why it is the best. 1)    Java is easy to learn Java has fluent English like syntax with minimum magic characters e.g. Generics, angle brackets, which … Read More

…Daniel Loureiro

Congratulations Daniel! You’ve just won the Hubsan X4 Drone, that Lunacloud has drawn out @ENEI2015. To receive your Drone, please send us an email with your address to in Germany: Jelastic Partner Session

lunacloud cloud jelastic webhostingdays

Last week, invited by our partner Jelastic, Lunacloud has attended in beautiful Rust in Germany. These were very productive and interesting days for all Jelastic partners including Lunacloud. The Jelastic team held an exclusive session with its current partners and David Ednie @dednie, President and CEO of SalesChannel Europe, was kind enough to share his wisdom with all partners … Read More

The Problems Encountered during Cloud Integration and their Solutions

Insert cloud computing solutions have seen an improvement in the past years with few companies like Lunacloud offering top notch services related to clouding solutions. Proponents of cloud computing solutions point out innumerable benefits even though there exist a lot of obstacle preventing the successful usage of the cloud and foremost among cloud integrations. Concerns for integration have been expressed … Read More

Hugo Tavares @Cloud Expo Europe 2015

hugo tavares lunacloud cto

Lunacloud will be again present @Cloud Expo Europe, the biggest and best attended cloud event in the world, focused entirely around the cloud ecosystem. This 2 day event allows people free access to a record 300 cutting-edge suppliers showcasing the latest technology solutions and services, and over 300 top experts – including number 1 rated CIOs, Acclaimed Global Cloud Leaders, … Read More

Lunacloud Top Tips for All PHP Developers

PHP developers Cloud Jelastic Tips

PHP is one of the most popular languages among developers and there have always been a couple of important things that PHP developers should nor forget. Here are some tips I came across over the years which are worth taking a look at:   1) Use Object Oriented Programming (OOP) OOP is essentially a method of programming providing fast and … Read More

Lunacloud @SINFO 2015

Lunacloud will be exhibiting @SINFO 2015, one of the biggest college-organized events and one of the most important technological events in Portugal. The main goal of this event is to allow students and general attendance to interact and be closer with influential, important and interesting people or companies in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Science. The 22nd annual … Read More