Why Cloud Hosting is So Important for Tech Startups?

Over the last couple of years we have seen an immense growth in tech startups all over the world. People are moving to the tech world, making use of technology and offering their solutions to users on a daily basis.

We probably work with some of these startups everyday, use their website or app and enjoy the experience they give us, more often when we use their website or application we see how fast everything moves and just how fluid our interactions and movements are.

As we know, these business has skyrocketed to the point that 18 enterprise cloud companies have gone public and half of them are even worth more than a billion dollars and it’s certainly a plan for you and there are plenty of advantages why cloud servers just work better in these case of situations.

If you decide to go through this road you most definitely know, that you need a safe and fast server in which you can run all your applications without a problem and that is where Cloud Servers come in. They offer great speed and security for all your files and even your user’s files and since it’s not located on your company but in a remote and dedicated place you know that your website and files will be online even if you aren’t.

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Another great advantage of using these servers is that you can modify anything you want to on them, even their OS, since cloud servers are basically computers that work on your command in the cloud you can add or edit any application you want thus making it easier for you and your company to get a perfect environment to work in without having to worry about the technical stuff.

One thing you will have few when you start up, is money and this is one of the reasons people tend to go more into cloud servers nowadays. Setting up a cloud server and get it to work is a lot cheaper than building one yourself taking in consideration all the hardware and license fees you would have to get. Find someone who can do that for you for a fraction of the cost a month is everyone’s dream when they are starting out.

There will be a time when your website or application will be flooded by people and weather that be on opening day or even everyday one thing any startup or tech company can’t live without is scalable servers, these are the ones that adjust to your websites needs, if you have 100 people online it will make itself available and fast for those 100 people and the same if you have 10000 people and this kind of flexibility is invaluable to any company or even better to anyone who owns a busy website.

Tech startups rely on this , on how fast a user can open their website, how their servers can scale and just how much they can make out of this and there are some companies that advantage of the benefits of the cloud to start their projects.

I listed below, some examples of successful startups that are making use of the cloud to deliver their services:


CloudFlare is a name anyone with a busy website has heard of without a doubt. It’s a service with both free and paid modules that enhances security and speed on your website. It works a content delivery system locating your files on the cloud and in various servers around the world, showing the user the content from the server that is closer to them making sure it arrives as fast as possible.


sendgridSendGrid is a cloud startup that just like their slogan says makes email delivery simple for companies, it’s not the typical newsletter application like mailchimp but it’s one that uses their enormous resources to offer companies cloud emails, these emails can be your registration e-mail or just friendly reminders, using this service they will come faster and stay aways from people’s junk box, by utilizing cloud resources to the max SendGrid created a serviced that offered companies exactly what they are looking for in e-mails: efficiency.


carecloudCare Cloud is another company that took an amazing route when thinking about cloud servers, they took their cloud servers and brought them to medicine, they made a cloud based medical software that is easy to use.

This makes working easier for physicians everyday and it’s a great example of grabbing a niche and working it.


bluejeansBlueJeans is a collaborative video conferencing app that works in the cloud, it allows for employers or even companies to chat with each other with ease, since it works in the cloud there is no need for software installation and no problem between OS’s. It also works in mobile devices so that you can invite virtually anyone to the meeting.

BlueJeans is used by many big names and has gotten quite a few attention over the years because it simplifies something that once was a really hard task.



Cloud Servers work in a way that they make the user and the website owner’s life easier, they provide the stability you need to create and run your company without the need for big investments.

Many companies have bet in the cloud has their business plan, they saw an opportunity in fixing old problems and they fixed them, this is what working in the cloud is, all about fixing old problems we had when we worked mainly in our computers and couldn’t always be online.  Cloud Servers are the backbone of any web application and tech startup, because they give the flexibility and money savings these companies need when they are starting out.

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