What about MongoDBaaS? Soon…

You can implement a Database (MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, …) on a normal Cloud Server, like you would do on a physical server. However, the whole process of installing, managing, scaling and tuning, depends on you. Not what you’d like to spend your time on, if you are a developer, right?

At the moment, Lunacloud offers Cloud Servers and Cloud Storage, which are IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service).

But get ready! We’re in the final phase of the launch process of a new DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) and we’ll start with MongoDB. For all MongoDB fans, you know it is a scalable, high-performance and open source NoSQL database. Well, very soon, you can also have this service on a pay-per-use model with Lunacloud: choose a standalone or replicated configuration, choose the size and click Create. A few minutes later you are ready… just spend your time developing your application, not managing the MongoDB… we’ll do it for you!

The launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013.

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