Top 7 Productivity Tools For Web Developers

As web developer, one of my main concerns apart from having perfect code, hosted in a perfect platform, is to be informed about all productive tools, to be able to create things in less time, automate tasks, coding faster and make my life’s easier.

Today we will look at 7 tools/scripts that can help you becoming faster and more automatic on your daily tasks. In this list you will see a bit of everything, from software to CSS frameworks so that you can pick anything that suits your workflow better.




Yeoman is not just a tool. it’s a workflow, it’s a set of three tools that help you as a developer to quickly build web applications easily. It uses the tool Yo to scaffold your new application, writing tasks and pulling them from your grunt file, on the other side we have grunt, Grunt is task manager that helps with automating your tests, your compiling and even with your concatenation.

Finally we have Bower, bower is a dependency manager for the web and bower helps you in a way that it downloads and install your dependencies so that you don’t have to go to every website and download it. The combination of these tools is what makes Yeoman so great, by combining them Yeoman created a workflow, a modern workflow.

CSS Frameworks


When it comes to the realm of CSS Frameworks we have a lot to choose from, Bootstrap is the most famous one and the one made by Twitter, but there are dozens of possibilities out there like Foundation and Gumby, these frameworks are great you need to get a simple mockup up and going.

They come with a great variety of CSS styles predefined, Javascript helpers and even some plugins so that you can get your website in the air the soonest.



Gulp is a task runner, it helps get away from doing repetitive tasks all the time and Gulp in particular has the great benefits of having a simple and easy to pick up on syntax , a simple API and also a an enormous list of plugins that allow you to do just about any task you have in mind.



The Fireshell framework that with minimal works gets you a full fledged HTML5 starter application already packed with task running, build processes, minification and even live reload using a version of everyone’s favourite HTML5 starter template, the HTML5 Boilerplate.

JS Lint

JS Lint has been around for quite some time now and it’s one of the big names, JS Lint helps you when it comes to detecting errors and problems in your javascript files.

In some text editors you can even use JS Lint as a plugin to help you with your code as you write it.


Roots as their banner says is a modern WordPress starter theme for better development using WordPress, it comes with HTML5 Boilerplate in it’s core, Bootstrap is also added and on top it also comes with Grunt that will automatically compile your scss files to CSS, concatenate them and validate your javascript on the fly.

Roots brings the modern ideas of a front end workflow into WordPress development.


Ink is a solution for your emails, Ink is a responsive email framework made by the same people who made Foundation, it helps you create emails that look the same in every client and browser  which will save plenty of headaches for those of you who build newsletters.


When it comes to tools and scripts that can help you being faster and more productive, there are a lot of options to choose from. It’s all a matter of preference. Some of you may want something big like Yeoman, that carries everything and for some something like Fireshell is perfect.

Now it’s your choice.

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