The New Level Playing Field of Cloud Based Computing

As technology makes the world a smaller place, it also makes it a more competitive one; developing countries are making good use of cloud computing to earn their spot in the global markets and prove worthy competitors. The accessibility and affordability of cloud computing is unprecedented in technology and business, thus providing enormous opportunity for growth, profit and influence.


Cloud computing is cost efficient across continents, enabling a third world country the same opportunities as those available in the developed world. With scalability and data leveraging capacity virtually unlimited, new players are emerging and holding their own against the most recognized and formidable industry regulars. Long-standing barriers in operating costs are vaporized by the ease of availability in cloud based models and the opportunities are being seized readily.

Poorer countries have usually been denied access to new technology and necessary tools for business development and survival, however; cloud computing has shattered that model and forged a new standard. With the floodgates now open, more and more nations and remote sections of the globe are not entered into the ever-changing international commerce race and landing on their feet. Countries who just a few years ago still didn’t have fully developed land-line based communications now have better mobile capabilities than countries considered leaders in the technology.


Rather than having to adapt to cloud based operations and migrate data and operations to that end, up-starts have the advantage of building their business models right into the existing technology and this provides an immense advantage. Similar to how a toddler might master using a computer while his grandparent’s attempts at simply operating it are frustrating and often futile. This new breed of global corporate animal is coming into the market already evolved.

Given that cloud based operations have been an obstacle and sticking point in many of the large U.S. businesses, it’s taken and is taking time for such companies to fully maximize their potential in using them. Whereas the under-developed nations have no choice but to adapt to the cloud, it becomes a survival mechanism that catapults them into an immediate force to be reckoned with.


It helps that cloud based computing is already established and offered by highly reputable and dependable sources, minimizing the risk to start-ups who can’t afford to put all their proverbial eggs in a single basket the same way a strong blue-chip company could. This method is a proven fast-track tool from the ground up that creative and hungry entrepreneurs are using to compete with the big boys.

The real-world benefits of cloud computing are emerging in the least likely of places and forging a new and level playing field. Many stronger and well established business models are taking note of the developing phenomenon and looking to learn and capitalize. Since working from the cloud enables nearly anyone to compete, it can really turn up the heat and force still greater innovation in an already intense business environment.


Author Bio: David Anderson is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. His blog focuses on Technology.

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