The importance of APIs in the Cloud

Flexibility is one of the main advantages of cloud technology, but this extends to the way you manage the service, and not only to the physical capabilities to escalate the servers capacity and workloads whenever you need.

If you look from the developer point of view, the way you interact with the provider services is almost as important as the power of the compute & storage resources. You should be able to access the control panel through a web browser and control servers and storage, in a simple and easy way. But that’s not all…

Through APIs, developers can manage the resources they need, adding or reducing memory, disk space and processor power, as well as stopping or starting new instances. The applications developed and hosted in the cloud can interact with Cloud Servers and Cloud Storage, using the resources provided in a transparent and automated way.

In Lunacloud we provide APIs to help you concentrate in your business without worrying all the time about the service management. This is crucial to the developer’s community and we all know that time spare in this area can be used in the improvement of applications and services for your clients.

API improvement was the main focus on the second phase of Lunacloud beta test, and the few lucky – and hard working – developers that entered this last field experience have had access to Cloud Servers and Cloud Storage APIs (the later, fully compatible with Amazon’s S3 API).

We plan to continue working hard on this front, to give you full control of your cloud resources through the APIs.

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