Node Knockout 2013: The best cloud hosting for your App with Lunacloud

Hello Node Knockout developers!

Lunacloud is providing you free cloud services to use during and after this year’s Node KO hackathon.

Lunacloud is a cloud infrastructure and cloud platform provider. We provide Cloud Server (compute per hour), Cloud Storage (storage per GB with S3 API), Cloud Appliance (including a pre-built Cloud Node.js), Cloud Mongo (MongoDB as a Service) and Cloud Jelastic (Java, PHP and Ruby cloud hosting platform) services.

If you are a Node Knockout contestant, we offer 200 EUR (approximately 260 USD) to use with any Lunacloud services. That’s a lot more than 96 GB RAM + 8 CPU + 2 TB DISK space for 3 full days, for free! Account is opened online at Then send email to for account to be activated. You will not only  have a huge amount of free resources to use during this year’s Node Knockout hackathon but it also leaves you with a lot more to use after it!

We’ll also be able to answer any questions or support issues you may have throughout the duration of the event. You can contact us directly either through Twitter @lunacloud or email

And in case you didn’t know, here’s how we compared against Amazon and Rackspace on Cloud Spectator’s CloudSpecs performance report: Lunacloud outperforms Amazon and Rackspace consistently over a period of 30 days


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