Lunacloud outperforms competition, says CloudSpecs Performance Report

We knew that Lunacloud beats competition on price, be it for Cloud Servers or Cloud Storage services. But know we know more… have a look at the latest Cloud Spectator‘s CloudSpecs Performance Report, that tests Cloud Servers to compare Lunacloud performance versus Amazon and Rackspace.

Key findings:

  • In the general server test, Lunacloud outperforms Amazon and Rackspace consistently over a period of 30 days.
  • Lunacloud disk performance scores up to 8x better than Amazon or Rackspace disk performance. This is an important consideration for database performance.
  • Lunacloud’s internal network throughput is 2x faster than Rackspace’s internal network throughput, and significantly more stable than Amazon in a period of 30 days. With applications requiring more than one server, internal network speed may be considered a bottleneck in many cases if other components of the server are optimized.

In summary, with Lunacloud you get more out of your cloud infrastructure resources, for less money!

Click to see the full CloudSpecs Performance Report on Lunacloud.

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