Lunacloud on Google DevFest

Lunacloud was a proud sponsor of Google DevFest in Lisbon, last Friday and Saturday (1st and 2nd March). Hugo Tavares, CTO of Lunacloud, was also present as a speaker… he grabbed the audience with its “Underneath the cloud: unleashing infrastructure” presentation!

200 top developers worked day and night on their projects and some have used Lunacloud’s Cloud Servers and Cloud Storage… and the winners were:

  1. Paulo, with a “Hack on AWS Java SDK” to work with Lunacloud’s Cloud Storage, part of a bigger project to index and search documents. Quite a promising work, let’s keep a touch with the development!
  2. Luís and Igor, with “Remote app control with smartphone sensors“.
  3. Francisco and Ricardo, with “Implementation of an Hangout API” that you can see live at

What an impressive list of accomplishments in just 24 hours! Looking forward for next year’s conference!

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