Lunacloud is now live in France

This is it, our new node in France is live and in operation! It is called “EU Central” and is located in a Datacenter in the Paris area. We are also officially launching our operations in France today, with local support.

This means that central and eastern european customers now have the option to locate their Cloud Servers and Cloud Storage in this new node (EU Central), closer to them, with enhances our already good network performance. Also, customers now have the option to spread their resources across different nodes, for additional geographical redundancy. The pricing of the service is exactly the same, regardless of the node you chose to locate your resources.

If you are a customer you now have the choice to locate your cloud services in either EU West or EU Central locations. Your current node is identified in the control panel, at the top in the pulldown list “Node”. To add a new node to this list go to the “Account” menu and select “Create New Node”.

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