How to use Lunacloud Cloud Storage with Dragon Disk?

DragonDisk is a powerful file manager for cloud storage services that provides compatibility with S3 API.

It allows you to backup, share and organize your data thanks to an intuitive interface similar to Windows Explorer’s. Its functions and ease of use will persuade you from the start, whether you are an amateur or a professional user.

DragonDisk is freeware and cross-platform, it works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

In this post I will show you, how to set up Dragon Disk, to use Lunacloud’s Cloud Storage:

Step 1: Download Dragon Disk

Dragon Disk is available here.

Step 2 – Install the software

Follow the installation wizard to install the application on your Operating System.

Step 3 – Account:

3.1 – Adding an account.

1 – Start by clicking on File followed by a click on Accounts.


2 – Click on New

Dragon Disk Setup Lunacloud Cloud Storage

3 – Choose “Cloudian powered Cloud” as provider

Dragon Disk Setup Lunacloud Cloud Storage

3.2 – Defining the Endpoint:

To use the Lunacloud Cloud Storage Service use as Endpoint:

The account name is irrelevant for the configuration.

lunacloud cloud storage

3.3 – Obtaining Access Key and Secret Key:

1 – The Access and Secret Key are available on the control panel by clicking on Cloud Storage followed by a click on Credentials.

Dragon Disk Setup Lunacloud Cloud Storage

2 -The keys screen is:

Dragon Disk Setup Lunacloud Cloud Storage

3 – Copy and paste the keys.

lunacloud cloud storage

Step 4 – Manage Files.



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