How safe is the cloud?

Security is one of the benefits of cloud services, and most people recognizes that for many companies the storage and backup systems provided by cloud services are much more secure that local procedures. But is it safe enough?

When you move information out of your “house” there is always a risk of losing computers and smartphones with critical information or VPN access, hackers exploiting security breaches and many other nightmare scenarios if there is no genuine security strategy. And in many companies data security strategies feel like Swiss cheese.

When it comes to cloud computing the debate gets more intense, because you are moving your data to third part servers, and in the cloud seems that information is “floating” around somewhere. But actually it can be more secure…

At a basic level cloud providers now offer more security and other measures than many, if not most, businesses are able to provide on-premise. In addition to security there are the issues of access, redundancy, scalability, and perhaps most of all, expertise. Cloud storage and backup solutions are purpose-built and providers expend a lot of resources making sure it’s safe so they can win more customers.

Cloud experts claim that if a normal server got hit by a cyber or physical attack, information could be permanently lost. Since the cloud keeps its data on multiple servers at different geographic locations, even the complete disabling or destruction of one of these locations would not destroy all functionality, as other cloud servers could pick up the slack.

And companies are already betting in this model. A recent survey conducted by Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group shows that after migrating to the cloud, 35 percent of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) reported higher levels of security. And 32 percent also spent less time managing security risks post migration. Cloud users were also five times more likely to have reduced security management costs, reinvesting that money into growth and development.

The choice of a reliable partner in cloud computing is critical. As we said before, check for the credentials, standards and certifications before signing the contract.

Even if there is no unique answer to the question of data safety, the experience shows that cloud is really safe and actually a very good idea for storage and backup. But perhaps you can keep a safeguard, because there isn’t such a thing as a bulletproof security.

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