Finally, Oracle officially released JAVA 8

Java8 ReleaseJava 8 includes a huge amount of new features and enhancements, including enhanced developer productivity and significant application performance increases, that extend the programming model to the modern era of cloud deployments.

The release was delayed almost 2 years for some improvements on the product development. That kind of improvements were related to the most important feature, the lambda expressions.

Java 8 includes very interesting features:

  • Lambda Expressions: the most important feature of JAVA 8. 
  • API Date-time
  • Default Methods
  • Compact Profiles
  • New Package
  • New Engine Nashorn of JavaScript
  • Java Mission Control 5.3

Last month, the middleware vendor Typesafe found some interesting data points from a survey targeted to 2.800 developers around the world, about the new release of JAVA 8:

65% of Java developers have plans to upgrade to Java 8 within the next 24 months
25 % plan to make the move within 12 months
83% selected lambda expressions and virtual extension methods as Java 8 features they were most excited about



Oracle  JDK 8 (Java Development Kit) is now available to download


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