Europe can profit from a stronger cloud strategy

Several large cloud providers are US based, but the European Commission already decided that Europe has to put itself in a competitive position, and is preparing a new strategy for “cloud storm”.

The new strategy wants to promote de use of off-site data storage in a bid to cut information technology costs and create new jobs. And Brussels is working in several directions, defining a cloud computing regulatory framework designed to make companies and public administrations more comfortable with the concept, especially in issues related to data protection and data retention, applicable law, liability and consumer protection.

These are the main topics that differentiate European services from providers on the other side of the Atlantic, as we already mentioned. The protection data laws in Europe are more severe and several cloud services have included in their Terms and Conditions rules that are not compatible with European privacy and data protection regulations.

Although it is not clearly declared in the new strategy, the framework is also prepared to give European companies a competitive edge in this area. It can help develop a stronger IT business, create jobs and economic growth.

And if the strategy helps to convince companies that betting on cloud service is a good, and secure, business, perhaps the best adoption sceneries defined by consultant companies can become reality.

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