Drive for Storage in the Cloud

Last week Google took another step in the cloud strategy launching Google Drive, after several months (years?) of rumors. Anyone doubts that this move can change the cloud storage market, at least from the consumer perspective?

We can argue that it comes late, that Dropbox has already gained the confidence of Internet users, that it’s weaker than SkyDrive from Microsoft (that improved the service just one day before the official disclosure of Google Drive), and that Apple can have more traction with iCloud service, at least with Mac users, although it works also in a Windows environment.

PC World draw a competitive chart of the most used cloud storage services  that can help “map” the information on storage, prices, availability and services related.

But we should not underestimate the power of Google “machine”, the brand and the billions of users that everyday rely on Google for search, Gmail, Google +, Google Docs, Maps, and many other useful, and free, services.  Don’t you think that they will want to (at least) try Google Drive?

And is this bad or good for business? For now I see some good points:

  • More cloud services will help build awareness from end users about the advantages of the service
  • Reliable services, with strong brands are important to build confidence

Perhaps there won’t be enough market space for all the cloud drives… or maybe there will, as long as they focus on what they do better.  One thing is certain: they cannot be all leaders.

And what is the impact for the Cloud Storage business services? Well, some of the main principles still apply, buts we are talking of a very different game because you have to manage several users and groups, access permissions, security guarantees and more space, much more space.

In this arena the main competitors of Lunacloud Cloud Storage are, naturally, Amazon S3 and the likes of, not Google Drive.

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