Cloud Jelastic official release! It’s never been so easy hosting your Java and PHP application.

It’s official! Cloud Jelastic has been released,  and is now available from our network. Our new cloud platform service, based on Jelastic’s technology, allows developers to deploy and manage any Java or PHP application in seconds. It is the first and single solution to offer fully automatic horizontal and vertical application scaling in a cloud environment.

Deploying and hosting Java and PHP applications, it’s never been so easy! The management console is highly intuitive, similar to the current management console of Lunacloud’s existing infrastructure services, Cloud Server and Cloud Storage.

Cloud Jelastic supports a wide variety of application servers for Java and PHP (Tomcat, GlassFish, TomEE, Jetty, Apache, NGINX), databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB), Memcached, and  soon, Ruby too.

Please have a look to the official Press Release.

Take advantage of Cloud Jelastic’s 14 days free trial.

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